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Tutorial - How to Download Dailymotion Videos?

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In this increasingly mobile world, you might want to watch a new music video from Dailymotion on your iPhone, only to find yourself thwarted by a lack of WiFi connection and a restrictive data plan. Thankfully, with Free Dailymotion Video Download, you are enabled to build your own private video collection by downloading all your favorite videos from Dailymotion, thus you can replay them whenever and wherever you'd like. Now, just watch and listen to the ocean of never ending digital videos and music in your spare time without worrying about buffering delays & pop-up ads.

Input Video URL from Dailymotion Step 1. Input Video URL from Dailymotion

Copy and paste the URL in the bar of "Fast link add". After that, choose the link type in the dropdown menu of "Link type" and then click "Add".

Input Video URL from Dailymotion More ways can be applied to input URL by clicking "Add Link":

Choose "Add a link", then in the popped up window enter the URL of Dailymotion video and click "OK";

To download videos from playlist, click "Add playlist/user" and paste the link of your favorite playlist in the popped up box, finally click "OK";

To add links in batch, click "Add links in batch" and in the popped up box, input the URLs (one link per line), then click "OK"; You will find all the links input added into the download list.

To download playlists or users in batch, click "Add playlists/users in batch" and in the popped up window, enter the URLs of playlists (one link per line);

Input Video URL from DailymotionIf there are download links saved in a text file before, you are allowed to import them directly from the text file by clicking "Import links from a text file". In the popped up window, choose the text file which contains download URLs and then click "Open". Please keep in mind that each line should exist just one link in your text file.

As for website which needs a username and password to log in for video downloading, click "Password" and enter your username and password respectively in the box of "Username" & "Password". When there are more websites needs to be logged in, you are allowed to input their usernames and passwords one by one and all of them will be added into the list.
Choose Output Format

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Once the link is added, this Dailymotion video downloader will detect all the supported versions relating to the video format, size, codec, frame and many others provided by the websites. Choose a preferred output format from the dropdown menu of "Format". The video thumbnail will be listed in the program window with detailed info like date, name, type, etc. displayed. To preview the video before download, click "Preview". To delete one or all download tasks from the list, click "Remove" or "Clear All".
Specify Output Folder & Post-download Action

Step 3. Specify Output Folder & Post-download Action

In the "Output directory" bar, click folder icon and in the popped up window to choose an output folder for the downloaded Dailymotion videos. When you need to walk away and do something else, just leave the computer working and preset the post-download actions.

Specify Output Folder & Post-download ActionYou can decide to close the program; open output folder; shutdown PC/log off/restart; do nothing when the download is finished.
Start Download

Step 4. Start Download

When all settings are well-prepared, hit "Download" to start downloading video. A progress bar and some details including the percentage of download, speed and time remaining are provided for better control of the process. To stop downloading, click "Stop". When the download is complete, click "Open Output Folder" or "Open" to find the downloaded video directly. If you want to have a look at the log report, click "Logs" and all the details about program, command line and errors will be displayed for your analysis.
More Advanced Settings

Step 5. More Advanced Settings

To keep the download engines up to date, click "Update download engine" and in the popped up window, choose "Get the latest version" and the updating process will be complete in a short time.

More Advanced SettingsFree Dailymotion Video Download makes more advanced settings accessible to suit your needs. Click "Settings", there you can set max parallel downloads allowed by dragging the slider bar of "Parallel download count"; download audio when a "DASH" video is selected; don't download again if local file contains the same video; don't load thumbs; play a sound when download is done; check updates on start.
More Advanced SettingsTo know the whole list of supported websites, click "Help" and choose "Supported websites", then all the video downloading websites supported will be listed.

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